Interbotix X-Series Arms


Interbotix ROS robotic arms are the perfect addition to any research facility, university classroom or laboratory. Featuring the DYNAMIXEL X-Series smart servos, the line offers 4, 5 and 6 degree of freedom platforms. All of which are controlled by the same central ROS code repository. All of the X-Series arms are supported with tutorials, videos and software demos including MoveIt and Gazebo simulation, as well as computer vision applications such as pick and place.

Model Name and Store Link Robot Documentation Codename
PincherX-100 Robot Arm PincherX-100 Robot Arm Documentation px100
PincherX-150 Robot Arm PincherX-150 Robot Arm Documentation px150
ReactorX-150 Robot Arm ReactorX-150 Robot Arm Documentation rx150
ReactorX-200 Robot Arm ReactorX-200 Robot Arm Documentation rx200
WidowX-200 Robot Arm WidowX-200 Robot Arm Documentation wx200
WidowX-250 Robot Arm WidowX-250 Robot Arm Documentation wx250
WidowX-250 Robot 6DOF Arm WidowX-250 Robot 6DOF Arm Documentation wx250s
ViperX-250 Robot Arm ViperX-250 Robot Arm Documentation vx250
ViperX-300 Robot Arm ViperX-300 Robot Arm Documentation vx300
ViperX-300 Robot 6DOF Arm ViperX-300 Robot 6DOF Arm Documentation vx300s

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