ROS 1 Open Source Packages


To use any of these packages, you must already have ROS and the X-Series Arm packages installed. If you do not have these installed, follow the steps detailed in the ROS Interface Setup.

Below is a list of all ROS packages meant to be used with the many X-Series robotic arms sold by Trossen Robotics. Packages were tested on Ubuntu Linux 18.04 and 20.04 using ROS 1 Melodic and Noetic respectively. Additionally, all ROS nodes were written using Python or C++. However, any programming language capable of sending ROS messages can be used to control the robots. The core packages inside this repo are as follows:

  • interbotix_xsarm_descriptions - contains the meshes and URDFs (including accurate inertial models for the links) for all arm platforms
  • interbotix_xsarm_control - contains the motor configuration files and the ‘root’ launch file that is responsible for launching the robot arm
  • interbotix_xsarm_gazebo - contains the config files necessary to launch an arm in Gazebo, including tuned PID gains for the ros_control package
  • interbotix_xsarm_ros_control - contains configuration files necessary to set up ROS controllers between MoveIt and the physical robot arm
  • interbotix_xsarm_moveit - contains the config files necessary to launch an arm using MoveIt either in Gazebo, on the physical robot, or just in RViz

There are also several packages demonstrating possible applications of the core packages. A list of those packages is below in order of importance:



To contribute your own custom X-Series arm in this repo, you will need to do the following steps: