Product Warnings

Pay close attention to the following warnings before operating your robot.

Risk of Electrical Shock


Take care not to touch any cables, connectors, boards, or any other electrical components onboard while the robot is energized, else you risk an electrical shock injury.

Pinch Points


Keep hands clear of the robot while operating, else you risk a pinch-point injury.

Robot Collapses


The robot will collapse if:

  • It is de-energized.
  • If it is disconnected from the control computer.
  • If the computer stops running the control program, whether the program was interrupted or crashed.

Take care that the robot does not collapse, else it has the potential to damage itself, its surroundings, and injure anyone nearby. To do this, ensure that the robot is in a safe configuration like its Sleep Pose before stopping the control program or disconnecting it from power.