Modbus Overview

The Modbus module. The robot serves as Modbus master. This menu is used to connect Modbus slave.

No. Description
1 Click to hide the panel, and click Modbus on the right toolbar to restore it.
2 Click to connect Modbus slave. See Connecting to the Modbus Slave for details.
3 Click to fold the control panel, and click again to unfold the panel.
4 Display register information of connected slaves.

Connecting to Modbus Slave

  • Slave IP: IP address of Modbus device.
  • Port: Port number of Modbus communication.
  • Slave ID: Slave device ID.
  • Function: Select the function type of the slave device.
  • Address/Quantity: Address and number of registers.
  • Scanning rate: Time interval of scanning the slave station by the robot arm.