In-Depth CR-Series Arm Specifications

This section provides links to each of the CR-Series Arms’ more detailed specifications.

Whole Family Specifications

Cobot Name Maximum Reach Repeatability Maximum Payload Product Weight Total Workspace Recommended Workspace
CR3 795mm ±0.02mm 3kg 16.5kg 1590mm 1113mm
CR5 1096mm ±0.02mm 5kg 23kg 2192mm 1534mm
CR10 1525mm ±0.03mm 10kg 38kg 3050mm 2135mm
CR16 1223mm ±0.03mm 16kg 37kg 2446mm 1712mm

Controller Specifications

Product Dobot CC161
Axis Control 6 axes + external axes
Input Power 100V~240V AC, 47Hz~63Hz
Output Power 48V DC, Max 20A
Communication Interface EtherCAT (used for external axis), Ethernet
I/O Interface
  • 16 Digital Inputs
  • 16 Digital Inputs/Outputs (Multplexing)
  • 2 Analog Outputs (Voltage: 0V-10V, Current: 4mA-20mA)
  • 2 Analog Inputs (Voltage: 0V-10V, Current: 4mA-20mA)
  • 1 Incremental Encoder ABZ Input
Operating Environment
  • Temperature: 0℃ - 45℃
  • Humidity: <95%, and no condensation
IP Rating IP20
Cooling Method Forced Air Cooling

End Effector

End Effector Size


Load Description

The robot actuator can bear the load of the cylinder whose center of mass is located at an axial distance of LD80mm from the center of the end effector and a radial distance of LR60mm and no more than maximum payload.



The Dobot CR-Series cobots and their controllers are UL 1740 certified by SGS North America. You can download the certificate and procedure below.