Pairing Your Controller

This guide walks you through setting up a Bluetooth joystick controller to control your LoCoBot.


The processes below should be done on the LoCoBot's NUC computer.


The Interbotix software only supports the usage of SONY PS4 and PS3 controllers.

SONY PS3 Controller

  1. Get an original SONY PS3 controller and it's accompanying USB cable.

  2. Open up a terminal by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T, and enter the following commands.

    $ sudo bluetoothctl
    [bluetooth]# power on
    [bluetooth]# agent on
    [bluetooth]# scan on
  3. Plug the PS3 controller into the Linux Laptop. At this point, a message should pop up in the terminal that looks something like the following (with a different MAC address):

    [NEW] Device FC:62:B9:3F:79:E7 PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller
  4. When it appears, type:

    [bluetooth]# trust <MAC-address>
  5. Unplug the PS3 controller and press the PS Button. The four red LEDs at the front of the controller should flash a few times, eventually leaving just one LED on by the '1'. This means that the joystick paired successfully.


Sometimes, the joystick might cause the cursor of the computer mouse to go crazy. To fix this, add the following line to the ~/.bashrc file:

alias joy_stop='xinput set-prop "PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller" "Device Enabled" 0'

Now, whenever the PS3 joystick is paired to the computer, just type joy_stop in the terminal to stop it messing with the mouse.


Controller Isn't Turning On

Your controller might be dead. Try charing it for an hour or plug it into your computer.