Create® 3 Setup


This section details the setup for your Create® 3 base. Follow Phases 1 and 3 in iRobot's Create® 3 Setup Guide. You should not need to follow Phase 2 since we will provide the latest stable firmware for the base.


This section presents the default Interbotix configuration of the LoCoBot's Create® 3 base. This can be found on the Create® 3 webserver accessed through the LoCoBot's computer's web browser (Firefox, etc.) at if connected over the base's USB-Ethernet interface.


Make sure that your Create® 3 base is configured to this default, otherwise it may not work properly or you may experience unexpected behavior.


If you modify any of these configurations, make sure to save the changes and restart the application for them to take effect.

Main configuration

Field Interbotix Default Value Notes
ROS 2 Domain ID 0 This value is typically left as the default if you do not have multiple ROS domains on the same network. See ROS 2 Domain ID Documentation.
ROS 2 Namespace /mobile_base The value dictates the namespace under which all Create® 3 nodes, topics, services, actions, and parameters will be, i.e. the /tf topic published by the base will be /mobile_base/tf.
RMW_IMPLEMENTATION rmw_fastrtps_cpp This value tells which RMW implementation to use. See ROS 2 RMW Implementation Documentation.
Enable Fast DDS discovery server?   Left blank as the ROS 1 implementation does not use the Fast DDS discovery server.
Address and port of Fast DDS discovery server   Left blank as the ROS 1 implementation does not use the Fast DDS discovery server.


The application still needs to restart to take effect. To do this, you can either reboot the robot using the physical power button or its RobotPower service, or use a web browser to reset the application manually.

Application ROS 2 Parameters File

    safety_override: "full"
    reflexes_enabled: false
Parameter Type Interbotix Default Value Notes
/mobile_base/motion_control safety_override String "full" Turns off all safety features. See Create® 3 Safety Overrides for more information.
/mobile_base/motion_control reflexes_enabled Boolean false Turns off all reflexes. See Create® 3 Reflexes for more information.

See the Create® 3's ROS 2 Parameters documentation for a list of all possible configurable parameters.