DobotSCStudio has been deprecated in favor of DobotStudio Pro.

This section provides instructions on setting up DobotSCStudio on your remote terminal.


DobotSCStudio is only supported on Windows.

  1. Make an account on and download the latest DobotSCStudio installer from the Download Center > Control Software section.
  2. Run the installer and accept all default options.
  3. Allow the Samba process to run.
  4. Reboot your computer.
  5. Make sure that your robot is turned on and that your remote terminal is connected to the cobot’s network. After launching the DobotSCStudio, set your IP settings to track the right address. See the Networking section for details.
  6. The DobotSCStudio application will load all plugins and controllers. You are now able to control your cobot!

Video Tutorial