Mobile ALOHA Hardware Setup


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Assembly Guide

Video Overview


  1. Remove Slotted Power Station Plate using the M3 Ball-End Driver or M3 T-Driver. Set the M5x8b Bolts aside for future use. Add zip tie between two of the front slots for later use as cable tie-down.
  2. Lift and position the podium atop the slate base, aligning brackets to bolt holes with a screwdriver. Mind the slate’s orientation. The display panel should be on the same side as the podium’s open side.
  3. Bolt Podium to Slate Top Plate using M5x12b bolts with Loctite. Use the M3 T-Driver to start and tighten fully with the M3 Ball-End Driver.
  4. Replace the Slotted Power Station Plate using the same M5x8b bolts set aside earlier. Use Loctite on the bolts.
  5. Remove ViperX Vertical Mount and rotate 180 degrees so that it faces forward. Use two people and secure all 4 Locks.
  6. Remove the Laptop Plate to easily remove the Bubble wrap placed for shipping. Set M5x8b Bolts aside for future use. Pull 1ft Outlet extensions through the side slot into the base of the podium for connection into the power station.
  7. Check all Power Supply Cable Connections and all USB Cables in the USB Hubs. Confirm that all buttons corresponding to used USB Ports are pressed down.
  8. Insert Power Station into Podium. Secure the Power Station with Velcro Straps. Connect the 1ft Outlet extensions to the top 2 outlets, and add the 4-Outlet Power Strip Cord into the bottom outlet.
  9. Connect the USB Type-A Male-Male Cable into Slate and USB Hub. Thread cable through the zip-tie on the slotted power station plate that was added in step one.
  10. Add front facing straight cam mount to ViperX upright using M5x12b. Add cam mount to front facing straight cam mount using M4x12b.
  11. Slot the WidowX leader arm vertical mount to podium rails. Secure all 4 locks. Plug USB Type-A males into Hubs and Plug Barrel Extensions females into 12V10A Power Supplies.
  12. Attach ViperX Fingers using M3x14s and M2.5 hex key and Wrist Cam Mounts onto ViperX Arms using M2.5x6 and M2 hex key.
  13. Attach WidowX Paddles using M3x12s. Attach WidowX Handles onto WidowX Arms using M3x8s with M2.5 T-Driver or hex key.
  14. Add Aloha ViperX arms onto front follower arm mounts M5x10b using Loctite. Don’t let go of the ViperX until two bolts are screwed in.
  15. Add Aloha WidowX arms onto the back WidowX upright mounts. Don’t let go of the WidowX until two bolts are screwed in.
  16. Add camera into middle camera mount using M3x10s.
  17. Add cameras into ViperX camera mounts using M3x6s.
  18. Add Micro-B locking Cables to hubs, snake through holes as needed, and zip tie to the electronics shelf to avoid damaging electronics in case cables catch on anything. Attach Micro B into cameras.
  19. Connect Power + USB cables to all 4 arms. Secure cables with zip ties as needed.
  20. Turn on Power Station + Press button to turn on outlets. Ensure the Power Strip inside the podium is switched on. Ensure all U2D2s in the arms are glowing red to show they have power. If not, Confirm that all buttons corresponding to used USB Ports are pressed down. (See tip #6)
  21. Add foot pedal onto Caster mount using M5x18s and M4 T-Driver.–qrryv9TMIAgI/view?usp=sharing
  22. Slide caster mount onto bottom horizontal rails. Ensure the locks are centered. Aggressively tap the Caster Mount onto the rails if needed. Run USB cable to USB Hub. Make sure the USB Hub port is pressed down.
  23. Replace Laptop Plate with bolts set aside from earlier. Use Loctite. Run the USB-A Male 3.0 Cables out of the left slot of the podium.
  24. Extend ViperX and WidowX Arm Mounts out horizontally.
  25. Adjust height of WidowX vertical mount.
  26. Ensure Slate E-Stop is released.