Simulation Table Specifications



The Table comes with sixteen (16) 750x750x5mm plates that serve as its base.


The Table comes with sixteen (16) 750x200x5mm borders that serve as its sides. Eight (8) of the borders are patterned, and eight (8) of the borders are blank.


The Table comes with ten (10) L-shaped buckles and eight (8) U-shaped buckles that serve to hold the borders together. The L-shaped buckles are used to hold the corners together while the U-shaped buckles hold the sides together.


The whiteboard and its magnets are used for text recognition.

Traffic Light

The traffic light has two modes:

  • Manual: Press the round button on the top of the light to switch it on.
  • Automatic: The red light turns yellow after 35 seconds, the yellow light turns green after 3 seconds, and the green light turns red after 35 seconds. The light changes in a circle with a beeping sound.

The light is powered by three (3) AAA batteries, which should be installed in the battery slow under the light body before use.

Location Recognition Characters


Lifting Lever