LIMO Specifications


Specifications Overview

Weight 4.2kg
Dimensions 322x215x247mm
Run Time 40 minutes
Standby Time 2 hours
Operating System Ubuntu 18.04
Climbable Slope 25°
Working Temperature Range -10°C - 40°C
Charging Interface 5.5x2.1mm DC Barrel Jack
CPU ARM64 Quad Core 1.43GHz (Cortex-A57)
GPU 128core NVIDIA Maxwell™ @ 921MHz
Battery 12V Li-ion 5600mAh

Sensors & Onboard Devices



The YDLIDAR X2L LiDAR is a 360 degree two-dimensional ranging product developed by Shenzhen EAI Technology Co., Ltd. (EAI). This product is based on the principle of trigonometric ranging and is equipped with related optical, electrical, and algorithm design to achieve high-frequency and high-precision distance measurement. While measuring distance, the mechanical structure rotates 360 degrees and continuously obtains angle information, thereby achieving 360 degrees scanning distance measurement, and output point cloud data of the scanning environment.

Items Minimum Default Maximum Unit Remarks
Ranging frequency / 3000 / Hz 3000 ranging times per second
Scanning frequency 5 6 8 Hz PWM signal needs to be connected, and the recommended frequency is 6Hz.
Ranging range 0.12 / 8 m Indoor environment, and objects with 80% reflectivity
Scanning angle / 0-360 / ° /
Absolute tolerance / 2 / cm When ranging ≤1m
Relative tolerance / 3.5% / / When 1m < ranging ≤ 6m
Pitch angle 0.25 1 1.75 ° /
Angle resolution 0.60 (5Hz) 0.72 (6Hz) 0.96 (8Hz) ° Different scanning frequency

ORBBEC® DaBai Stereo Depth Camera

Parameter name Parameter index
The distance between the imaging centers of the left and right infrared cameras 40mm
Depth distance 0.3-3m
Power consumption The average power consumption of the whole machine is <2W;The peak value at the moment the laser is turned on <5W (duration: 3ms);Typical standby power consumption is <0.7W.
Depth map resolution 640x400 @ 30FPS; 320x200 @ 30FPS
Color map resolution 1920x1080 @ 30FPS; 1280x720 @ 30FPS; 640x480 @ 30FPS
Accuracy 6mm @ 1m (81% FOV area participates in accuracy calculation*)
Depth FOV H 67.9° V 45.3°
Color FOV H 71° V43.7° @1920X1080
Delay 30-45ms
Data transmission USB2.0 or above
Supported operating system Android / Linux / Windows7/10
Power supply mode USB
Operating temperature 10°C ~ 40°C
Applicable scene Indoor / outdoor (specifically subject to application scenes and related algorithm requirements)
Dustproof and waterproof Foundation dustproof
Safety Class 1 laser
Dimensions (mm) Length 59.6 X width 17.4 X thickness 11.1mm

NVIDIA Jetson Nano 4G

iFLYTEK Voice Assistant

Dual Channel Speakers (2x2W)


Front Display

Rear Display

LIMO Component Overview

  1. Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Antennas
  2. ORBBEC® Dabai Stereo Depth Camera
  3. Front Display
  4. EAI X2L LiDAR
  5. Hub Motor
  6. RBG Status Indicator LEDs
  7. Four-wheel Differential/Ackermann Steering Mode Switching Latches
  8. Power Indicator
  9. Left Speaker
  10. Left Seagull Door
  1. Rear Touchscreen Display
  2. Batter Compartment Door
  3. Power Button
  4. Right Seagull Door
  5. Right Speaker
  1. USB Hub
  1. Voice Module
  2. NVIDIA Jetson Nano (4G)
  3. Battery

Major Dimensions

../_images/limo_dimensions_front.png ../_images/limo_dimensions_side.png ../_images/limo_dimensions_top.png