SLATE Base Error Codes

The following table lists common errors that can be indicated on the base’s screen, their cause, and their solution.

Error Name Code Cause Solution
Emergency Stop E-Stop Emergency stop button is pressed Release E-Stop button
Communication Error Err18 CAN bus communication is offline Contact support
Collision Error Collision Collision sensor triggered Remove SLATE base from its collision
Battery Undervoltage U-Vol Battery voltage too low Charge the SLATE base
Battery Overvoltage O-Vol Battery voltage too high If using the original battery, overvoltage can be ignored
Driver Error Err25 Malfunctioning driver Contact support
Drive Overvoltage Err26 Drive voltage is too high If using the original battery, this should not occur
Drive Undervoltage Err27 Drive voltage is too low If using the original battery, this should not occur
Drive Overtemperature Err28 High drive temperature Contact support
Drive Overcurrent Err29 Drive motor current is too high Contact support
Drive servo out of tolerance Err30 Drive motor is out of tolerance Contact support
Drive Overload Err31 Drive current has exceeded 200% of rated load Check if the wheels are blocked. Contact support
Encoder Error Err32 Drive encoder signal is malformed Contact support
Hall Error Err33 The Hall sensor signal is malformed Contact support

SLATE driver can’t connect to base

The USB-Serial converter device shares the same vendor and product ID with some brail readers. Because of this, the brltty program may claim the device, preventing its use by other drivers. Solving this issue is as simple as removing the package using apt.

$ sudo apt-get remove brltty