AgileX SCOUT 2.0


The AgileX Robotics SCOUT 2.0 mobile robot platform is designed to be the base of your industrial robotic application. With low energy consumption, long battery life, a compact but strong frame, and extensible software interfaces, SCOUT 2.0 is ready to handle whatever challenges you throw at it. SCOUT 2.0 can work in outdoor and indoor environments with its powerful cooling module and real-time temperature monitoring. Slide rails on top of the mobile robot allow for easy installation of modular hardware packages and sensors. An open-source communication standard and software packages based on ROS make it easy to develop your application. SCOUT 2.0 is a four-wheeled, differential-drive mobile robot that is rated to carry up to 50kg (110lb) with a maximum speed of 1.5m/s (3.3mph) with its 400W brushless servo motors. The standard 30Ah battery or optional 60Ah battery provides a long operation time. The robot has an IP rating of IP22, but can be customized up to IP44 and IP64.

What’s Here

  • Getting Started - These guides will walk you through the setup process for your SCOUT 2.0.
  • Operation - These guides will details concepts related to the operation of the SCOUT 2.0.
  • Specifications - Contains specification information for the SCOUT 2.0 and related hardware.
  • Downloads - Downloadable content related to the SCOUT 2.0.