The AgileX Robotics BUNKER PRO is a high-precision drive-by-wire mobile robot chassis development platform. It boasts superb off-road performance and a very high IP rating of IP67. The advanced suspension system and reinforced shock absorbers bring a unique anti-collision design to tackle challenging real-world environments. With accessible hardware interfaces and the strong payload capacity of the BUNKER PRO, industry, academia, and research-focused developers can easily develop autonomous robot applications in complex environments, such as inspections, exploration, unmanned transportation, and more. The BUNKER PRO can be interfaced with external devices using a CAN interface. C++ and ROS packages are available for further secondary development.

What’s Here

  • Getting Started - These guides will walk you through the setup process for your BUNKER PRO.
  • Operation - These guides will details concepts related to the operation of the BUNKER PRO.
  • Specifications - Contains specification information for the BUNKER PRO and related hardware.
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