The AgileX BUNKER MINI is compact, off road tracked mobile robot chassis built for challenging and narrow working environments. With an impressive IP67 rating, it can effectively operate in sand, dust, and water. Benefiting from a compact size, a strong off road climbing ability, and a zero radius turn, tt offers industry developers a better platform to deploy robotic applications such as waterway surveying and mapping, mineral exploration, pipeline inspection, security, autonomous transportation, and more. Open-source packages are available for C++ and ROS for secondary development.

What’s Here

  • Getting Started - These guides will walk you through the setup process for your BUNKER MINI.
  • Operation - These guides will details concepts related to the operation of the BUNKER MINI.
  • Specifications - Contains specification information for the BUNKER MINI and related hardware.
  • Downloads - Downloadable content related to the BUNKER MINI.